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Baía dos Golfinhos

This is for many the most stunning beach in Pipa. As the name implies, the beach is frequently visited by dolphins that come here to play in the beautiful and calm waters.

Baía dos Golfinhos, also called Praia do Curral or simply Dolphins Beach, is a truly stunning beach and is a "must see" beach in Pipa. The setting is truly breathtaking with the cliffs, tropical vegetation and the stunning semi-deserted beach all-blending together in perfect harmony.

This beach is well suited for swimming as the waves are small. This is especially true on the right side of the beach closest to Pipa center. Baía dos Golfinhos also seems to be the favorite beach for the dolphins in Pipa and they can often be seen here putting on a display that is worth seeing.

The beach does not offer any infrastructure such as bars, sun beds or other facilities, so be sure to bring some water, snacks and a beach towel with you. As there are no trashcans on this beach, make sure to take back any papers or litter with you and put into a proper trashcan once back in Pipa center.

Location & how to get here

The only way to access this beach is by foot from the Pipa center beach. Simply walk left once you come to the center beach in Pipa, and walk for approx 10-15 minutes and you’ll arrive at the Dolphins Beach.

Important note: This beach is best accessed during low tide. Make sure you check out the tide table before going to this beach. During high tide the beach is not accessible as the water reaches the cliffs and the beach access "disappears" until low tide starts again. You should also leave the beach well before high tide as otherwise you'll be trapped on the beach.


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