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Praia do Giz

Praia do Giz is a small and secluded beach in Tibau do Sul. This beach is perfect for those who want a peaceful and relaxing day on the beach while still not giving up on comfort.

Praia do Giz is not as known as some of the other beaches in Pipa and consequently offers a very peaceful setting. The beach boasts two beautiful restaurants and during low tide one can enjoy from the gorgeous natural pools that form here.

Praia do Giz is best enjoyed during low tide or when the tide changes from low to high tide (or from high to low tide). There are some stones and rocks in some parts of the beach and especially during high tide one needs to enter the sea with care.

The fantastic Day Spa Ponta do Pirambu is located in Praia do Giz and this is definitely a place worth seeing during your holidays in Pipa.

Location & how to get here

Praia do Giz can be reached by car. Coming from Pipa, drive towards Tibau do Sul and just before arriving at the main beach in Tibau do Sul, turn right and drive until the road ends and you'll arrive outside of "Casa Blanca". Use the stairs for going down to the beach and you’ll arrive at Praia do Giz.

Alternatively, one can also park the car at the main beach in Tibau do Sul and then simply walk right along the beach for a few hundred meters and you'll arrive in Praia do Giz.


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